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Film in 2018/19

Throughout the year, Key Stage 2 were asked to document the changes in weather through film. Under the guidance of Mr Davey and Mr Murray, a select group of children produced a short film showing four different weather conditions; cold, rain, wind and fog. 

With a soundtrack added over the top, the final results were fantastic!

Please follow the link to view some of our projects:

Paris 2016/2017

Over the course of three days; Mr Davey, Mr Murray and five children: Xavier Gasper, Ben Larder, Daniel Fox, Charlotte Randle and Ellis Bainbridge represented our school at the Cinematheque project in Paris, where they shared our film with school's from all over the world!

The brief asked for the children to consider three specific areas when deciding upon their film, centering around; the weather, shelter and friendship, all of which were brilliantly included within our film.

The children were then brave enough to stand up in front of all the other schools and share their feelings about making the film, as well as answering some tricky questions from members of the audience.

All-in-all, it was a fantastic experience for the children and one that they will always remember.