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Pupil Premium Grant

Schools are required to publish details of their Pupil Premium allocation, how they plan to spend the allocation in the current year, how the previous year's allocation was spent and the effect of the expenditure on the attainment of those pupils for whom the funding was allocated.

Academic Year 2017-18

Funding for this academic year will be approximately £14,520

The number of pupils currently eligible for Pupil Premium is 11 (35%)

Key Objectives 2017-18




  • To provide effective reading interventions daily in school and during booster sessions after school during spring terms 3+4.
  • Pupils targeted will make at least 1 years improvement in reading age and level.
  • Implement individualised grammar programme in Y2 and above to raise standards in writing.
  • 1:1 Sessions with Specialist Teacher on basic vocabulary/writing skills, as needed.



  • Mathematics interventions using Numicon with targeted pupils.
  • After school booster sessions during spring terms 3+4 focusing on calculation skills development.
  • All PP pupils targeted make at least good progress in mathematics.
  • TA support to enable pupils to access the maths curriculum at their individual abilities.



  • Provide tuition in a musical instrument. (Initially keyboard/guitar) both in and out of school.
  • Individual sessions with Specialist teacher to aid development of independent learning skills.
  • Develop independence and participation in lessons by use of every pupil having IPad and facilities to share work across Apple TV.
  • Continue with La Cinematique film making programme.
  • Continue to enable the PP children to have the experience of a trip out of school every term.



  • To address anxiety issues of children
  • Provide free breakfast facilities on site.
  • After school club providing snacks.
  • TA support to enable pupils to settle into lessons allowing maximum learning to take place.
  • Provision of specialist teacher and resources to work in 1:1 and small group with developing children’s self-esteem.

Key Expenditure:



Employ Specialist Teacher and Psychology Service


TA support for interventions in maths/literacy


La Cinematique Film programme + equipment


Music Tuition/Instrument provision




Literacy/Numeracy/PSE Resources


Breakfast/After School Club


School Resources




Impact 2015-16

Due to the small numbers of pupils involved various programmes have been put in place for individual pupils making group impact difficult to judge in areas other than progress and attainment.


KS2 PP pupils had an average scaled score equal to or above the national score for other pupils in reading, writing and mathematics. 


100% of PP pupils in reading were in top 10% and were above the national score in writing.


Attendance of PP children has stayed the same (96% in 2015 to 96% as of May 2016,) keeping their attendance at higher than similar groups nationally.


60% of PP children attend Breakfast Club on a daily basis with 30% regularly attending After School Club (school transport prohibits this from being any higher.)

Specialist Teacher and TA support has had a positive impact in helping children develop and increase their self-esteem.


Instrument tuition provided for any PP child who wanted to take up the offer. (56%)

1 pupil has since gone on to pass Grade 1 guitar with distinction.

6 pupils have been to Paris to present their film at the British Film Institute and are due to go to Edinburgh in 2017

All pupils have been given an IPad Mini for school enabling them to be familiar with and develop skills using the latest technology.


How the Allocation was Spent

How 2013/14/15Allocation was Spent

Effect of Expenditure on Educational Attainment


  • Booster sessions after school in phonics/reading and mathematical development
  • Teaching Assistant support to enable small group work on building resilience
  • Assistance where necessary to allow pupils to have full participation in the curriculum
  • Purchasing of specialist resources to aid provision of small group/booster provision
  • Provision of keyboard and guitar lessons.
  • Setting up of our Cinematique project and ensuring we have all the necessary equipment and facilities to accommodate. 
  • Providing intervention programmes and 1:1 tuition.
  • Financial assistance as necessary, to allow for all pupils to have full participation in whole curriculum, including music instrument tuition.
  • Buying into EWO provision to help in improvement of attendance rates.
  • Increase hours of TA to support intervention groups.
  • Booster classes improved attainment of targeted pupils. 100% pupils reached national age expectations in English and Maths.
  • Funding of events and other areas of provision has enhanced the curriculum for all pupils.
  • Pupils eligible for the pupil premium outperformed sim-ilar pupils nationally in English and Mathematics