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Legsby Primary School Curriculum

“Learning without limits.”

  • To have creative pupils, taught by creative teachers in a creative environment.
  • To provide a curriculum which meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our pupils.
  • To implement a fun, engaging, relevant and stimulating curriculum based on the ideas of creativity and enterprise.
  • To offer our children varied first hand experiences to inspire their learning.
  • To encourage a culture whereby staff and children are able to take risks in their learning and to understand that our best learning takes place when we make mistakes.
  • To provide our children with the technological skills and resources to enable them to become independent learners.
  • To foster in our pupils an understanding of global issues that are shaping our world.
  • To work in partnership with the Governing Body, Parents and the local community in the development, implementation and monitoring of the curriculum.
  • To never give up.